Innovation Pipeline

We all want more innovation from our companies, and a sustainable pipeline of innovation. Our platform enables customers to harness the online phenomenon of networks and access for their company’s initiatives. After 3 years in incubation with P&G, Air Force RL, General Mills, and others, our solution was developed to span the gap between R&D strategy and Open Innovation. inno360, finds assets of the company and what’s happening in the online world, and brings it together on your desktop.


Search thousands of inno360's connected networks, find results.

inno360 provides simultaneous searching across thousands of connected networks to find answers fast. Our unique approach provides fast relevant results in real time. Stop googling - start finding answers.


  • The Web (unbiased)
  • IP (patents)
  • Hidden Web (1,500 +)
  • SBIR (small bus)
  • Academic (3.7M)
  • Hoovers (D&B)
  • Social Media (blogs, tweets)
  • Literature
  • RSS Feeds
  • Government


  • Search one or thousands of provided networks in seconds.
  • Anonymously search networks in real-time.
  • Faster search results with the confidence nothing was missed or exposed.


Visualize to make sense of big data.

inno360's cutting edge visualizations allow you to quickly see the insights, processing millions of results in seconds. Finding new technology, partners, and ready-to-go solutions in minutes instead of weeks and months.


  • Trending
  • Inventor Networks
  • Word Cloud
  • Geospatial
  • Academic Networks
  • Cluster Circles
  • Cluster Heat Maps
  • Pillar "gap" analysis
  • Network Diagrams


  • Apply any visual to any data type, or combination
  • Vizualize structured and unstructured data
  • Seperate the key findings from the noise


Collaborating globally, expert teams can now form and disband as need, in seconds, - no meetings.

Brings together all your internal experience and solve the right problem. The platform connects the team in seconds, sharing projects, searches used, and results folders. Perfect for global teams. Share to get an opinion or to divide the workload. Keeps your innovation moving forward 24/7.


  • Real time sharing
  • Discussion rooms
  • No Meetings
  • Project, Folder, Item - You control
  • Audit tracking


  • Progress your team with - no meetings!
  • Ask for input, feedback across the organization.
  • Create discussion rooms
  • Stay up to date with the progress.


Find the connections that matter. Make first contact easily and with confidence.

The platform delivers a proprietary capability that extracts names, and companies from the landscape sources, then crawls and builds up profiles for you. Save as networks of key opinion leaders, competition, clinical trial doctors, academics, patent holders for reference.


  • Campaigns
  • Ecosystems
  • Suppliers
  • 1 to 1
  • 1 to many
  • Full tracking


  • Design campaigns across disciplines
  • Reach out 1-1 with thought leaders.
  • Track campaigns for delivery, open and click trhough.

Find unexpected connections between companies