The industry leading Enterprise Research & Innovation Management platform provider, dedicated to delivering enhanced innovation processes and the building of global knowledge networks .

How we do it?

Deployed as a cloud-based innovation management platform to leading R&D groups around the world,  inno360 had much of its development during the formative stages of Open Innovation management.

With our award-winning solution, inno360 enables clients to build, manage and collaborate with their own proprietary innovation ecosystems. Using inno360, clients can harness the collective power of internal R&D while building global networks of innovators, researchers and trusted suppliers. Together, these capabilities and attached ecosystems provide an unparalleled foundation for organizations to drive top-line growth, increase productivity and improve return on investment.

  • We search all over the world.
  • Advanced graphics and analytics.
  • Real time updates & support.
  • More than one million people in our network.
  • We provide access to over 1,000 networks.

Why we do it?

We all want more innovation from our companies, and a sustainable pipeline of innovation. With the online phenomenon of networks and access, we thought—how can it be harnessed for a company’s research and innovation initiatives? The answer—inno360.



Over 450,000 compound searches across networks


More than 18,000 saved results from inno360.

R&D projects

Clients have used inno360 for more than 2,000 strategic R&D projects.

years of experience

Over 30 years of combined industry experience.

How We Got Started

Since our founding in 2008, inno360 has worked with global R&D leaders through our Partner Development Program to understand the best practices and methodologies that have been proven to drive high returns on investment (ROI) in both large and small enterprises.

Innovation Best Practices Built-In

Working side by side with these partners in developing inno360, the leading practices of our founding partners, Procter & Gamble, General Mills and the U.S. Air Force are built-into our enterprise platform. We have further enhanced inno360 through ongoing feedback from some 15+ industry leading customers such as Givaudan, BASF, GSK and others.

Dynamically embedding market leading methodologies with powerful technologies, advanced visualization tools, semantic search, social networking, and collaboration to create the world’s first true Enterprise Innovation Management™ cloud-based application platform.

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