Enterprise Innovation Management

Our award winning, cloud-based platform enables our clients to drive top-line growth, increase productivity and improve return on investment with their R&D Departments.

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Unleash Your Innovation Pipeline

Why are there so many roadblocks between the best ideas and the groundbreaking, highly profitable products they represent? Because today’s innovation and R&D processes are broken. Finding the right partners takes too long. Sharing research is cumbersome. Filtering ideas and choosing a direction is frustrating and confusing because stakeholders work from different information.

But things are changing. At inno360, we believe innovation is all about connections. That’s why we bring easy access and real-time connections to your desktop in the form of a private cloud of customizable and highly useful networks.

Leading companies and their partners already use the inno360 enterprise innovation management platform to maintain a consistent pipeline of breakthrough ideas. Teams of 5 to 5,000 can get started simply by subscribing to our on-demand platform. Ready to overcome your biggest roadblocks? Let’s get started

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